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Audubon Water Company is a Pennsylvania Corporation, and has charter power to furnish water to the public within portions of Lower Providence Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.  Audubon was incorporated on August 30, 1954 for the sole purpose of supplying water service to customers. In 1988, a merger incorporated Valley Forge Corporate Water Company into the Audubon system.  Audubon serves over 2,700 residential and commercial customers.
In emergency situations, please contact us at (610) 630-1200.



Audubon Water Company customers need to call for a service inspection with the water company prior to service being approved. Audubon Water Company can be reached at 610 666-7900. Please leave a number where the contact person can be reached by the water company to set up an on-site appointment.

Download the Audubon Water Company Service Agreement

Notice: Cloudy Water Cold water has the ability to contain much higher levels of dissolved oxygen than warm water. During the winter months and periods of sever temperature fluctuations there can be high levels of oxygen in the water. When this water enters a warm structure with warm plumbing the oxygen can separate forming tiny air bubbles. Water can appear cloudy, but it is just oxygen that is trying to escape. The condition will dissipate as temperatures even out. You can eliminate this by running the water or placing water in a container prior to using and the oxygen will effervesce out of the water.

Audubon Water Company


2650 Eisenhower Avenue
Valley Forge Corporate Center
Norristown, PA 19403
(610) 630-1212 FAX


Mailing Address
P.O. Box 7337
Audubon, PA 19407